Monday, June 3, 2013

@cheerios does your heart good-- uh RACIST commercial-seriously? God will do your heart better!

What year is this again?  This cute little girl-- has become the center for some serious controversy-- yep you read it right!!! When you have time watch the video here. YOU TUBE had to REMOVE comments because they had gotten to BAD-- Cheerios-- what were you thinking?  I mean there aren't any interacial couples anywhere but on TV!!! (in my smart alick voice)--
Are you serious people-- I thought this commercial was cute.  I had my youngest watch-- he giggled and then I asked him why do you think people would be fussing about this commercial-- it took him a few guesses before he said IT!  We have some a RAINBOW of people in our family that-- the commercial looks more like our family vs maybe another--- I just want to say-- if you believe in HEAVEN-- you do realize that it will NOT be segregated!  Get your HEART right with CHEERIOS & GOD!!

I can't even list all the "non" black folks-- in my family b/c there are so many. Get over yourself people and get with the TIMES!!!
Oh and let me be clear-- I don't even like CHEERIOS-- but love this commercial!

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