Friday, May 3, 2013

Not the @disney fan-- but you may like DISNEY "stuff"- as low as $2.50-- gifts- collectors--

Disney Store Coupon: 40% off Select Items: 15" Nibs Plush Toy $5, 8" Hubert Cub Plush Toy $2.50 & More + Shipping

Disney Store is offering 40% off Select Items when you enter promo code BONUS at checkout. Shipping starts at $4.95. Thanks brisar

Note, shipping is free with promo code MARVEL with the purchase of a Marvel item, such as the Boys' Spider-Man Sunglasses for $4.50. Thanks slanty

@Oneida storage, bakeware & more lots less than $5bucks-- if I leave that at your house-- I may not be so sad!!-- at that price.

Oneida Storage and Bakeware Sale: Anchor Hocking Penny Candy Jar $5.50, 6-Piece Anchor Hocking 2-Cup Storage Containers w/ Lids $4.50 & Much More + $3 Flat-Rate Shipping

@JCP $20 off $100, $15 off $50 or $10 off $25-- free in store pick up-- hmmm Mother's Day-

JCPenney Coupon: $20 off Orders $100+, $15 off Orders $50+, or $10 off Orders $25+ + Free Store Pick-up offers $10 off Orders $25+, $15 off Orders $50+, or $20 off Orders $100+ when you apply promo code SENDTOME at checkout. Choose in store pick-up to save on shipping, or shipping is free on orders over $75. Thanks Kiev

3 coolers for $20 great sizes-- FREE instore pick up at @Walmart decent deal-- or home $1.97

Coleman Cooler Combo: 48-Quart Cooler, 5-Quart Cooler, and 1/3-Gallon Jug $20 + Free In-Store Pickup has Coleman Cooler Combo: 48-Quart Cooler, 5-Quart Cooler, & 1/3-Gallon Jug on sale for $19.98 with free In-Store pickup. If you prefer to have the item shipped to home, shipping is just $1.97.  Thanks airventor
  • Set includes:
    • 48-Quart Cooler
    • 5-Quart Cooler
    • 1/3-Gallon Jug

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rain-X Perfect Dose Car wash -- MAIL IN REBATE-- makes it free-- you know me and FREE--

I think that FREE isn't really FREE if I have to pay for it--

Rain-X Perfect Dose Car Wash FREE after MIR
Rain-X Perfect Dose Car Wash FREE after MIR (max value $10.00)

Purchase from Walmart, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Pep Boys, or Target between May 3 - May 10, 2013.


@BBW Bath & Body Works $10 off $30 in store & online--

Bath & Body Works Sale: Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap: 7 for $20 or 5 for $15 + $10 off $30 + 50% Off Body Care Items from $6 & More
Bath & Body is having their Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap + Body Care + Signature Collection Sale listed below. Save an additional $10 off $30 or more purchase with promo code S138821 (does not stack with $1 shipping w/ $25+). Shipping is $1 on orders $25 or more w/ promo code CLEAN25, otherwise shipping starts at ~$6.99/$8.80 (depending on coupons used). Thanks brisar & leymigt40

Note, for in-store purchases customers may receive a free product with any purchase of $10 or more with this printable coupon.

$25 off $125 hmm @KMART here is a Chest Freezer for $155.00

OK-- I am not the fan of the chest freezers-- Had one-- been there done that-- got rid of it!!  Now lots of folks love em--- here is one for $155-- but if you don't want it-- this $25 off $125 at @KMART

Kenmore 7.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer (white) $155 + Free Store Pickup has Kenmore 7.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer (white)for $179.99 - $25 w/ promo code 25OFF125 = $154.99 with free in-store pickup. Thanks Nuwin1

No CLIPPING-- just TEXT-- get those TARGET coupons to your phone

Message and data rates may apply. Text HELP to 827438 for info. Text STOP to 827438 to cancel (you'll receive a confirmation text or further instructions). More info $16 worth-- Don't forget you can STACK with these!
stay hip to what's hot

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

@KELLOGGS coupons-- these always rock!! $10 worth!

Every time this coupon comes out-- all the stores have a great deal to use them with-- remember KELLOGGS doesn't just make cereal!!!!

Sign up for $4 off coupon-- pass it on to your friends to share the savings!

Great! You’ve successfully signed up for The Best Meals Happen At Home! If you are a new member, you can expect to receive your first email within two (2) weeks.
Receive $4 in BONUS coupons on select Unilever and General Mills products when you refer two (2) friends. Post, Tweet, or Email the special link below encouraging friends and family to sign up.
Be sure to check back here often! Once you get two (2) friends to sign up, you can unlock and retrieve $4 in BONUS coupons.
Use this special link to share, so when friends sign up, you get credit:

LOVES me some @Earthbound organics!!! .75c off makes for $1.50 at my local BI-LO

I love Earthbound organic salads, carrots and all that other good stuff they sell!!! And you know what I am not one of those healthy eater kind of folks-- just love love that stuff.  We stopped eating the other salad that is bagged when I read all the other stuff that was added and it just tasted better.  Now my nieces' mom she refuses-- says it looks like they just picked some leaves and said here put them in a plastic container--

Well many times you can get these on BOGO sale and makes for free to cheap organics!! Get yours-- and remember not all BI-LO stores double up to .99c-- check your local rules for that answer!!

click here for your coupon
I was able to print 2!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So many people ask how to find specific STORE coupons...for stacking or whatever!

So many times I hear people say where do you get those coupons so you can STACK them?? Well stacking isn't some Ancient secret-- it just takes a minute to get over the old MYTH "only one coupon on one item"--- wait now don't start shouting HALLELUJAH just yet--- there is an art to it.  So in this post we will concentrate on TARGET COUPONS.-- If you have been with me on this journey, then you know my TAKE on TARGET & coupon usage!!!

Anyway here we go.  If you want to get TARGET specific coupons so you can stack/use with your manufacturer coupons-- here is a great link, but follow the directions with it:

1. Click here
2. Click on the 2nd box and you will see the drop down arrow-- drop down and drag down to TARGET
3. You should now have access to JUST TARGET coupons-- that you can print and STACK!!


Go get your store specific coupons!


A few new coupons for the week!!!

$0.75 off ONE Welch's Light Juice Beverage
$1.00 off One Gluten Free Cafe Frozen Entree
$1.00 off any Breathe Right product 10ct or larger
$5.00 off Chasing Mavericks on DVD or Blu-ray
$5.00 off Life of Pi on DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray
$0.55 off any ONE (1) Hefty Zoo Pals Product
$1.00 off ONE (1) Wisk Power Blasts

$1.00 off when you buy any ONE (1) Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil twin refill or TWO (2) single refills
$1.00 off when you buy any ONE (1) Glade® Décor Scents® holder, ONE (1) twin refill, or TWO (2) single refills
$2.00 off when you buy any ONE (1) Glade® Sense & Spray® starter kit
$1.00 off when you buy any TWO (2) Glade® Automatic Spray refills
$1.00 off when you buy any ONE (1) Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil warmer or starter kit

Save 75¢ on any one (1) 8.75 oz tub of Marzetti® Otria® Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip

SAVE $1.00 on any ONE (1) Gaviscon® Product
SAVE $5.00 on ANY Nicorette® Lozenge 72 ct or larger, NicoDerm®CQ® 14 ct or larger or Nicorette® Gum 100 ct or larger
SAVE $1.00 on ANY Advil® Congestion Relief, Allergy & Congestion Relief, Cold & Sinus or Allergy Sinus Product
SAVE $1.00 off ANY FAT HAIR Shampoo, Conditioner, Stylers & Finishers
SAVE $1.00 on any TWO (2) packages of Brawny® Paper Towels
SAVE $1.00 on ANY L’Oréal® Paris lip product
SAVE $2.00 on any ONE (1) Garnier® Moisturizer
SAVE $2.00 on any ONE (1) box of Garnier® Nutrisse® Haircolor
$1.00 OFF on ANY Nicole® by OPI Nail Lacquer

Monday, April 29, 2013

Batteries for .50c a pack? Yes ma'am-- yes sir!! Take it slow-- no need to CLEAR THE SHELF!

I can not stress it enough-- there is no need to CLEAR the shelves-- or HOARD up on Batteries!! I promise another deal will come around on BATTERIES!

I went to the Walgreens around from my job this morning---they were surprised to see me-- they haven't seen me in a while-- it was good to see a few of the college students that are ready to graduate!! Congrats JORDAN-- tell Jordan congrats if you go in the Cherry Road store across from Winthrop--

OK here is what you need to do step by step---
1. When you walk in the store pick up the new monthly booklet and also there is a Healthy & Happy or Happy & Healthy booklet that has FERGIE on it-- some young actress or maybe she is a singer-- I don't know just pick up the booklet.

2. Go to the batteries section, now the only ones that have BOGO on them (at that time) was the hearing aids-- I said please check the PRICE-- they checked the price and the regular 4 pack of AA were also BOGO--

3. Now turn to the back of the Fergie booklet and locate the .99c batteries (WALGREENS BRAND) on the left side of the page.

4. Pick up two packs of the batteries-- if no signage simply ask them to check the price for you.  It should show BOGO--

5. Put two packs on the counter, put your number in for the REWARDS thingie they have now at WALGREENS-- they will give you a total-- now don't clip the coupon from the book, simply ask the cashier to scan the coupon and watch your total turn to $1plus tax. 

Remember at WALGREENS you don't have to clip the coupons and get rid of them-- you et to keep the booklet all month-- This is a good deal for you-- worth stocking, but not work CLEARING shelves or hoarding-- !!

Sally Hansen polish for less than .32c at @FamilyDollar! Details!!

This is new at Family Dollar according to one of my fav managers-- it just started last week-- so I figured I would share with you.  It is much like the CVS extra bucks or what used to be the Walgreens Register Rewards.
Anyway look at the Sally Hansen on the left-- see where it says FREE!!! Well-- now you know me the FREE isn't real-- unless I don't have to spend any money at all.  So here is the deal:
Pick up a bottle of polish-- pay $2 plus tax- then a $2 off coupon prints -- also a BOGO Whopper printed-- sorry a little off topic.. anyway when you get the coupon.  STOP pick up another bottle and also ad a small item-- there is some doublemint gum for .27c add it to the polish and you hand the cashier the $2 off coupon and pay .32 only.

If you do not get the gum you will NOT get another coupon-- the DEAL will be over. 

Me I came out with the $2 to use on something else-- have to sit down and do some math to figure out how to ROLL it--
NO NEED TO CLEAR THE SHELVES-- I promise you can't have that many toes or fingers to PAINT!!!

TARGET dental deal - spend $6+tax get back $5 gift card!!!

OK - so I tried to post this after lunch-- and didn't know it didn't post--- scream-- here is the deal!!!
Go to TARGET (in Rock Hill-aisle F52) your city it will vary...Here is the deal.
Pick up one of the products on the end cap and pay $5.99 plus tax, you will then receive $5 gift card.  You can do multiple transactions or all in one.  If you do them separate you will be able to save the most money. Rememeber when you do the deal-- don't HOARD!!! As they will surely start limiting folks.  If you have coupons from yesterdays paper you will save even more.  I gave my coupons to my co-worker-- NEW couponer and she did all in one transaction purchased 2 of the 3D toothpaste (each one has 3 wrapped in one) then a CREST mouthwash-- totaled like $18 minus her coupons -- she paid $13 and got back $15 in gift cards... Don't make it difficult-- keep it simple and if you don't have the coupons don't STRESS~!!! 

80 count PAMPERS $15-- check the sizes and details-- cause I don't need any PAMPERS!! @TRU

Pampers Extra Protection Nighttime Diapers: 80-Count Size 4, 72-Count Size 5 2 for $30 + Free Store Pick-up has Pampers Extra Protection Nighttime Diapers on sale 2 for $30. Choose in store pick-up to save on shipping. Thanks oishi

Note, may not be available in all areas. Must add 2 to cart. You may mix and match.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dryer sheet uses other than in the dryer!

So someone said it wasn't good to use dryer sheets inside the dryer-- so here are some alternative uses-- saw these on  

1. Dusting: used dryer sheets can knock the dust off nearly any surface, including furniture, blinds, car interiors, baseboards/molding. Also works for sawdust and drywall compound.

2. Keep bugs away: Tuck some in your picnic basket or under lawn furniture to repel bees from your juicy flesh and encourage them back to the flowers, where they belong. You can also rub a sheet directly on your bare skin to discourage would- be buggers from leaving their mark.
3. Keep your clothes fresh: tuck a few fabric-sheets in your drawers to keep that ‘just-washed’ smell happening for weeks. Throw one in your dirty clothes hamper to prevent any rampant, residual odors from escaping into your bedroom.
4. Scrub your showers: Lightly wet a used dryer sheet, and scrub to remove soap build-up and mineral deposits.
5. Freshen your home: Place (or tape) a dryer sheet on your HVAC vents to scent the air circulating through your home. You can even place one alongside your filter in your central heating unit to distribute the scent. Also works on ceiling fans, and on the back of box/portable fans.
6. Reduce static cling: Pat your self with a sheet to combat static on your clothes, stockings, and even long hair!
7. De-stink your pets: Scrub incoming dogs or cats (especially wet ones) with a dryer sheet before the come back into your home. You can also place one in your litter box to cut down on odors.
8. Clean your laundry room: When you finish drying a load, hold on to the dryer sheet, and wipe down the inside of your dryer’s drum, your lint trap, the outside of your washing machine and dryer, and scrub away any excess or spilt laundry detergent.
9. Scrub the bugs from your car: Summer drives often equal insect gut polka dots all over your auto’s body and windshield. Simply wet your car down, and use a dryer sheet to scrub away carnage with ease.
10. Wipe up hair: The cling of a dryer sheet is perfect to wipe up pet hair from your furniture, or even your own hair from your bathroom.
11. In your shoes: Toss a dryer sheet in the toes of your shoes to minimize odors and prolong the just-purchased smell.
12. While traveling: Place a few dryer sheets in between items in your suitcase to keep both your clothes fresh and to prevent your items from picking up any mustiness from old luggage.
13. In your crafts: Use dryer sheets to add texture to cards, scrapbooks, etc. Also use for reinforcement in appliqué and quilting work.
14. For diapers: Keep your used dryer sheets in your diaper bag, and roll one up in the diaper to prevent odors before you have to chance to throw it away.
15. In the kitchen: Soak cookware with burnt or baked-on food in warm water, with a dryer sheet or two. Makes clean-up easier than you’d expect. Also works on cook tops and dingy cabinet doors.
16. Clean paint brushes: Soak your used paintbrushes in warm water with a dryer sheet, and that pesky latex paint will come off in under a minute.

17. In books: placing a dryer sheet in new books or photo albums will keep them smelling fresh, and can combat the musty paper smell of used or old books. Also works as a killer bookmark.
18. In toilet paper: Roll up a dryer sheet in your toilet paper roll. Each time you spin, it releases a little freshness into your bathroom.
19. As you sleep: keep a fabric-softener sheet in your pillow case and under your mattress or mattress pad for sweet dreams of summer all year ‘round.
20. While sewing: use a dryer sheet to store your needles while threaded to keep them from tangling, for paper piecing whilst you quilt, and for backing for embroidery.
21. Repel rodents: Use dryer sheets to keep out mice, skunks, squirrels, rats, etc from your basement, garages, boats, campers, and clubhouses.
22. In your car: stash dryer sheets under your car seats and floor mats, and in your glove box and trunk for fresh scents as you travel.
23. At work: Hide dryer sheets in drawers, behind computers, and in cabinetry to keep your workspace fresh, and combat your co-workers awful perfume or stale cigarette scent.

24. In you vacuum cleaner: Place a dryer sheet in your vacuum bag or dust containment unit. As the hot air moves as you vacuum, you’ll bulk up your cleaning efforts. (Make sure this is in NO WAY a fire hazard)
25. In storage: tuck dryer sheets in your rarely used items such as luggage, camping gear, sports equipment, or specialty craft or kitchen items to prevent the inevitable smells of basements, attics, and garages.

CLICK & SPIN for a free PEPSI


Ok so I am not a fan of  PEPSI Next, but if I win-- hey why not?
Let us know if you win--- if you win and don't want it share it with someone else!! Have a good one!

TODAY ONLY-- Call or check to be sure your KRISPY KREME is participating BOGO!


Krispy Kreme [Store Locator] has Buy One Get One Free on One Dozen of Original Glazed Doughnuts with this Printable Coupon. Offer is valid today only. Thanks dapoopta

FORD F350-- & others--REMOTE control vehicles!! Some as low as $8bucks!!

As old as my boys are---they would still have hours of fun with these REMOTE control vehicles.
Stage Stores Coupons & DealsBuy Now ► has several Remote Control Vehicles on Sale. Save an additional 30% w/ coupon code 30453. Shipping is free. Thanks Mach 1