Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just checked out the @bilosupersaver for next week-- pull this COUPON out now-- check with friends!! FREE next week! I mean just tax.

Every year this coupon is very very very useful!!! I have clipped for over 13 years and--- at least for the past 5 this has happened.  Now sometimes people hold out for the Drugstore deal with ECB or RR or points, but me-- well "just tax" will work out well for me.  I will go ahead and touch base with out local BILO stores and let them know to order some extras!!!! Pick up the phone to those toooo cute to clip friends and ask them to check the RECYCLE bin---or the paper may still be on the counter not even touched!

Need to know what week a coupon was in the paper?  Just check the database here.

Be sure and check the date-- you have one that expires 5/12 (tomorrow) and you need the one that expires 6/2

Read the small print-- 4 LIKE coupons in same shopping trip. 

Here is the math--
They will be BOGO at $5.99 or $3 each-- so just TAX--

Oh yeah and to top it off-- if you can't get a hold of the coupon--- PUBLIX has the $2 off so you could get 2 packs of razors for $2 or $1 each!!!

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