Thursday, May 9, 2013

Eat @werthers candy? Not me, but makes great accent for Mother's Day basket less than .20c a bag...hmmm

I am not the werthers fan, but for .17c they may be good to add to a basket.  I am not a HARD candy fan-- just always think someone is going to choke on it or something-- but anyway here is the deal.

Werthers Original Hard Candies - Pack of 12 (6 oz ea)Werthers are BOGO this week at where else??? BI-LO-- so
$2.26 BOGo = $1.13 each
click here to pick out some great coupons just type in Werther in the search box!!

.50c will double and be $1 coupon cash
$1.00 will be $1.00 coupon cash

makes for less than .20c a bag!!!

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