Wednesday, May 1, 2013

LOVES me some @Earthbound organics!!! .75c off makes for $1.50 at my local BI-LO

I love Earthbound organic salads, carrots and all that other good stuff they sell!!! And you know what I am not one of those healthy eater kind of folks-- just love love that stuff.  We stopped eating the other salad that is bagged when I read all the other stuff that was added and it just tasted better.  Now my nieces' mom she refuses-- says it looks like they just picked some leaves and said here put them in a plastic container--

Well many times you can get these on BOGO sale and makes for free to cheap organics!! Get yours-- and remember not all BI-LO stores double up to .99c-- check your local rules for that answer!!

click here for your coupon
I was able to print 2!

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