Saturday, August 24, 2013

Was that your child behind me at the NW vs Gaffney game last night? The one @ESPN covered @espn3 @wrhi @rhherald @rockhillsccity

Went to area football game last night-- just wish I would not have witnessesd what I WITNESSED!!!

First let me be clear when I say it hasn't been that long even though in numbers it seems it has-- At 39 years olf 10 months and a few days-- it doesn't seem like it was over 20 years ago when I would sit at these games and yell for my NORTHWESTERN HIGH TROJANS-- I knew the players-- we were in class together-- we won together we lost together we were TROJANS and when we went to games we went to see friends, snack, enjoy the game. Last night-- I could have SCREAMED!!!!

I have 12 & 14 year old boys and I just pray that we have instilled something in them that would never allow them to act like the kids did behind me, talk like or even choose to hang out with children that act like this--- :look at your friends and you see yourself--- I never want it-- I just PRAY hard I never do hear about them acting like these students were acting.

The children were loud, cursing, obnoxious, talked the entire game, made racial slurs, talked about girls insinuated what they had done with girls-- who liked who why and what they would do with them-- LOUDLY!!! Talked about the football teams they played for and how they were the BEST!!! A few local graduates of local high schools was behind me tlaking about being away at College and how they were excited to be home for the parties-- how they would be sharing ID's to get into parties that they may not be old enough to get into tonight. 

They had no respect for the rows of parents sitting right in front of them-- every other word was VULGAR-- lies on top of lies-- how to get this color girl and that color girl--  one child kept telling his "friend" he was spoiled and he needed to go get some money from his mama so they could get some more food-- of course he never spent any money, but the poor "spoiled" kid did-- he waited for his mom to walk by and share the money with him while the other just milked him out of it.

Back in the day-- even if we did all of that (which we didn't) we would have been totally afraid that the people in front knew my mama, my daddy, lived in my neighborhood or in those days the adult could turn around and tell you to HUSH-- now that isn't optional.  It was funny some of them even stopped all the "trash talking" when one principal came by to wave and brag that this was their principal-- I sure wish he had sat up there so they would BE QUIET.  Interestingly enough I would know those kids if I ever saw them-- I pray they CHANGE for the better and realize that you don't have to do all that to BE APART of the "IN CROWD"-- You think their mamas' curse at them all the time so they think it is OK-- would they be different if mama or daddy was itting there?

Well my team won-- NORTHWESTERN and it was televised on ESPN-- Go Trojans.

Please note: My children were with me and up a few rows to the back of us (in ear shot)--

Northwestern 51, Gaffney 19

GREAT articles to check out-- ESPN in Rock Hill-- we rock!!

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