Saturday, August 24, 2013

Popped into @BILOSuperSaver picked up $90 worth of groceries paid $16 with #coupon$ & how about this cake-- from a grocery store!!

Yep-- this cake came from BI-LO!!!
Been off the coupon wagon for a few weeks-with VACAY & summer closing out-- but got back in the swing today when I popped in to pick up my list of a few items!!!! While I was in there I was super excited to see the UPGRADES on cakes in the BAKERY-- instead of the regular plain old sheet cakes-- I picked this up for like $15-- that was a GREAT deal--popped the flower off and made it a 12 year old BOY birthday cake.  We aren't really a fan of the sheet cake ones so this worked out WELL for us.  Anyway-- I did end up holding the line with my coupons, but I apologized and warned those that got in line once she started scanning.  I let the gentleman go ahead-- I said, uh I have coupons, rainchecks and a couple over-rides-- he said "THANKS!!!" You might want to check your bakery at BILO to see if you can find one of these good looking cakes!!

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