Tuesday, August 6, 2013

3 years worth of mortgage help! up to $36K to help keep your home is real!! I now know 2 people who applied & were approved!

So...I had been hearing about this money that was available to people who were in SC to help them keep from loosing their homes.  Some continued to pay the mortgage-- some lost jobs-- just got behind and all the other LIFE happened!  Well I thank God we hadn't been affected, but I know lots of folks who have hit HARD times over the past couple of years and this would be a GODsend to many of them.  Well finally I know two three people personally who were able to qualify and receive an APPROVAL.  If you know someone or you yourself could use this help-- please share it with them.

What is SC HELP and what can it do for you? SC HELP was launched in January 2011 to help responsible South Carolina homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments stay in their homes during hard financial times. SC HELP is sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority. - See more at: http://schelp.com/About/WhatIsSCHELP.aspx#sthash.ReB2NhCr.dpuf

Who does SC HELP assist? If you are having trouble paying your mortgage due to: Unemployment; Underemployment; Loss or drastic reduction of self-employment income; Catastrophic health related expenses; Divorce; or Death of a spouse, SC HELP may be able to help you to catch up on missed payments and/or make mortgage payments on your behalf while you get back on your feet. - See more at: http://schelp.com/About/WhatIsSCHELP.aspx#sthash.ReB2NhCr.dpuf

Three ways SC HELP may help: Monthly Payment Assistance: SC HELP assists eligible households by making their monthly mortgage payments, giving you time to get back on your feet. If you qualify, SC HELP will make the monthly mortgage payment directly to your bank. Direct Loan Assistance: If you are behind on your mortgage payments, SC HELP may provide funds to get you caught up on your mortgage payments. For some, this will solve the problem. For others, Monthly Payment Assistance may also be available. Transition Assistance: If the home cannot be saved by any of our other programs and goes to a short-sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, SC HELP can provide a $5,000 grant to help you with expenses for moving into a rental situation. You may qualify for more than one type of assistance. There is a maximum assistance limit of $36,000 per household. - See more at: http://schelp.com/About/WhatIsSCHELP.aspx#sthash.ReB2NhCr.dpuf

Am I eligible?

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