Sunday, June 16, 2013

VITAMINS Overage,Cheap or just tax only #Naturemade vitamins--- @bi-losupersaver you may want to order a few more!

ATTENTION HBA ordering personnel at BI-LO
DON'T skim-- read top to bottom!
Last week many of you (rest of this week) were able to take advantage of the Sun vitamins at BILO-- so next week get ready to pick up some NATURE MADE vitamins for cheap to TAX!!! Ya'll know I rarely use the word FREE-- hey-- coupons are $$$$ also-- right?

Well here is the deal and what you will need to make this happen-- some of you may not even need CHEAP-- if you already buy these products!

Nature Made has vitamins that begin at 3.99 and go upwards of $30+ so you will want to think this deal through carefully.  Here is an example:
Magnesium is $3.99 a bottle & starting Wednesday they will be BOGO or two for the price of one --
Use the $6 off 2 coupon and voila-- you may not even pay tax-- Keep in mind if you click here and type in Nature made & search there are others to STACK with the PUBLIX coupon--

Note this coupon expires 6/21 and that is MID SALE week!

Tax only should be everyone-- based on price-- overage will be based on YOUR store!

Note: OVERAGE is listed as NOT an option in the BI-LO policy-- so should you be told it isn't given-- no problem.  In the past I have always used it towards the other items in the cart-- do your math-- before you get in line-

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