Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coconut oil does what? What is OIL PULLING? -- THANKS TO SIL FOR TELLING ME-

So this weekend my SIL (sister-in-law) was at the house talking about OIL PULLING-- Intrigued I asked what is Oil Pulling?  She said it was really just swishing of oil in your mouth-- to pull TOXINS from your body.  Hmmmm never heard of that and did a little research.  She said it could help with whitening teeth, unexplained tooth pain and more....Oh yeah you can also use Sesame Seed oil & Sunflower oil-- so many options.

 Anyway I started out trying it with WESSON oil because I had it in the house-- wasn't so bad-- REMEMBER you aren't supposed to swallow it.  I went and asked the folks at Earth Fare in Rock Hill also so I could hear more about it and see if they knew of anyone personally.  Hayley told me lots more about it-- I picked up the solid version of the Coconut oil (on sale $7.99) once heated it turns into liquid-- you only need a teaspoon and if you decide not to keep on with the OIL PULLING you can also use it for your skin, great for shaving I hear-- gonna try that also.

Anyway-- not really sure about (still researching)-- Here are a few links- none of which I have any background or relationship with the authors.  I will keep you posted and of course tell you if it is helping me.  Right now I have been having tooth pain that my dentist couldn't figure out why-- no cavity-- no nerve damage-- so if it works-- I'm SOLD!!!


Share with us if you do it-- have done it-- know anything we need to know!! Thanks

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